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Re: New signature notation? (currently proof@metacode.biz) 3 years ago

From Yarmo Mackenbach to ~yarmo/keyoxide-devel

Hi Wiktor,

> Somewhere back then we got in touch and stay in touch ever since
> discussing some feature design issues at length. I'm happy that Yarmo
> still listens to me after all these years even when I'm not actively
> developing any Proof code and he gets the rubber duck debugging [4] from
> it so I guess it works really fine that way :)

Couldn't have done it without the rubber ducking!

> The question now is basically the practical aspect: would --expert scare
> people off and raise questions? (just like `@metacode.biz` did?).

I think I'd still rather avoid --expert and use the @domain syntax to

Re: Test 3 years ago

From Yarmo Mackenbach to ~yarmo/keyoxide-devel

Initial reply