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'context deadline exceeded' 15 days ago

From Yasushi Sakai to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

Hi, I really enjoy using this platform thanks a ton!

The problem I'm facing is that I get a 'context deadline exceeded' when trying to upload my 
compressed site.tar.gz file.

When I curl with -vvvv, The output is inconsistent, sometimes just giving 'context deadline exceeded',
but other attempts giving this message:

Post "https://patchouli.sr.ht/pages.sr.ht/sites/yasushisakai.com/temp.0a8a91e683c52b32ca447bbb1a105dc0/static/mathjax/jax/output/SVG/fonts/TeX/SansSerif/Bold/BasicLatin.js?uploadId=85202f60-19b7-4b90-b189-efa07a219ceb": context deadline exceeded

Are they any clues for this?

A bit of context, I'm currently trying to deploy my website through emacs-org html export,
and to do that, I need to host a copy of the 'MathJax' library. First the build script didn't pass,