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Announcing the release of version 0.6.2 of Org Zettelkasten.

The main change in this release is the separation of Zettelkasten mode
and Org Zettelkasten.  These were previously in a single repository,
however, because they are separate packages, they belong in different

In addition to that, specifically with changes related to Org
Zettelkasten since version 0.5:

- Add new customisation mapping for base identifiers to files
- Add function to go straight to an ID using only the number
- Add Org agenda search function only for Org zettelkasten files
- Create Org Zettelkasten manual.
- Add modified date which can be added on a before-save-hook.
- Add search back ends for optional consult and counsel.
- Add default search back end.

All the best,

Yann Herklotz
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