stargazer 0.5.0 release

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Hello everyone,

Throughout the past many months I've been working on stargazer as I've 
had time to do so. I've made some improvements and fixed some issues 
(details below). I figured, now's a good time to cut a new release. 
There are still a few features I'd like to add, but given my schedule, 
it my be many months until I can get them finished. So I've decided to 
release what I have done as to not keep these improvements back for what 
might end up been a whole year.

As always, if you have any issues, please let me know.



- Log date+time of connections
- Routes can now specify a `lang` for gem text files and a `charset`
- You can now disable cert generation and regeneration
- Set route specific certs
- Officially supported docker image


- Increase MSVR to 1.46
- Change default MIME type to application/octet-stream
- The `SCRIPT_NAME` and `PATH_INFO` GCI vars now always have a leading slash
- SCGI servers using Unix Domain Sockets don't have to be running when 
stargazer starts
- Directory listings are now sorted
- Log messages now have timestamps
- Update dependencies


- Compiles on FreeBSD
- IPv4 and IPv6 listeners no longer conflict
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